JavaScript Basics
   This course covers the JavaScript programming language in
   detail. JavaScript is popularly used for HTML form validation 
   and for producing dynamic web content. The class also discusses 
   the relationship between JavaScript and the standard client
   side programming language called ECMAScript.
   Participants will learn the fundamentals of the JavaScript
   programming language, learn to write event-based programs,
   and save user-specific information in the form of a cookie.
   Students must have significant prior experience with a programming 
   language. Programming experience in C, C++, or Java a plus. Students 
   must also be comfortable with HTML page markup. Participants should 
   have a working knowledge of Windows 9x/NT/2000.

   o Customer site on request


   o The length and contents of this course can be tailored to the
     individual needs of a customer site. 

   Class Agenda:
   o Create sophisticated Web pages using the JavaScript programming language
   o Program persistent information using JavaScript cookies
   o Perform validation of information on HTML form interfaces 
   o Use JavaScript to manipulate objects in the Document Object Model
   o Use JavaScript to dynamically change content and style on your Web page
   o JavaScript programming basics: 
          control flow, object syntax, properties, methods.
   o Core JavaScript objects: Array, String, Date, etc.
   o Document object models.
   o Client-side JavaScript Objects: Window, Document, Form, etc.
   o JavaScript event handling: mouse events, keyboard events, etc.
   o Form validation.
   o Persistent data and cookies
   o Dynamic HTML.
   This course is designed for those who are familiar with HTML and desire
   to build advanced Internet World Wide Web pages that go beyond the 
   capabilities of HTML. Although JavaScript is a full-featured programming 
   language those with only basic programming skills can use it for limited 
   cookbook-style programming tasks. 
   Materials Furnished:
   o Student Manual 
   o Textbook
   Course Length:  Two Days