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VCR code - Create VCRPlus+® codes for your Video recoder

Snake and Robots - some classic games in Java.

JFront - Operator overloading for Java.

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Airport Code Lookup

This applet allows you to type in a 3 letter airport code, push the "lookup airport code" button, and find the name of the city or airport associated with that 3 letter code. The program uses a two level b+tree file structure. This applet could be easily adapted to access other kinds of data. The latest version of this program also allows lookup by city name, just type in a city name and press the "lookup city name" button. A hint: use full words like Saint and Fort, not abbreviations like St. or Ft.

Questions? Comments? Any errors or missing cities? Send a note to G&G Inc.

The source code is available here.

A newer version of this applet, ready for Java1.1, is here.

A much newer version of this applet, ready for Java1.2, is here.

It's Snowing

Hint: This is a Minnesota based company.

For other Java applets and resources, look at Gamelan.

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