Intro to HTML Web Page Development
   This course provides training in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) 
   used to develop documents for the World Wide Web.  It includes
   the fundamental markup tags and attributes, graphic and user 
   interface design issues, organization of data within a set of Web 
   pages and the technical skills required to use HTML code and 
   graphics within Web Pages.
   Additional topics include uniform resource locators, extensions to
   traditional media and graphics, multimedia content and interactive media.
   o Basic Internet knowledge
   o Windows 9x/NT/2000 familiarity

   o Customer site on request


   o The length and contents of this course can be tailored to the
     individual needs of a customer site. 
   Class Agenda:
   o Introduction and Overview
   o What is the Internet?
   o History of the Web
   o Browser Basics
   o Web Page Style and Design
   o Key Elements of a Web page
   o Basic HTML tags
   o Graphics and Multimedia
   o Page Layout
   o Bandwidth Considerations
   o Transparency & Interlacing
   o Links
   o Tables
   o Testing & Validation
   o Multimedia Content
   o Audio
   o Video
   o Image Maps
   o GIF 89a & Animation
   o Frames
   Optional Topics:
   o JavaScript
   o Forms & CGI
   o Cascading Style Sheets
   Course Benefits:
   Students will be able to create Web pages that deal with HTML 
   file structures, lists, inter- and intra-document links, 
   imbedded images, tables, audio, video, image maps, forms and frames.
   Materials Furnished
   o Student Manual 
   o Textbook

   Course Length: Two Days