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The original Java Classic Snake game.
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** BETA version** Notes: Same rules as the old version
The addition of the directional buttons for use on a smart phone or tablet
The game board is now enabled for clicking or tapping
Major event handling speedup using ontouchstart, and removal of dpad (7/6)

Score: 0

Top 10 Scores:

ccMaster Snake Charmer680
ccMaster Snake Charmer636
ccMaster Snake Charmer624
ccMaster Snake Charmer616
ccMaster Snake Charmer596
ccMaster Snake Charmer572
ccMaster Snake Charmer572
ccMaster Snake Charmer568
ccMaster Snake Charmer564
ccMaster Snake Charmer556

Hall of Fame

November 2014jjDwarf Garter56
September 2014anonymousWater Moccasin275
August 2014JackTimber Rattlesnake155
July 2014jjDwarf Garter72
June 2014anonymousBoa Constrictor370
May 2014anonymousKing Cobra485
April 2014DanielMaster Snake Charmer885
March 2014DANNYGiant Anaconda525
February 2014charzardKing Cobra490
January 2014charlieKing Cobra485
December 2013SohaibMaster Snake Charmer625
November 2013ABBoa Constrictor366
October 2013ABBlack Mamba296
September 2013TorpMaster Snake Charmer713
August 2013Michael StoesserKing Cobra495
July 2013AlexanderKing Cobra490
June 2013DannyBushmaster555
May 2013Michael StoesserBushmaster450
April 2013Caitlin!Boa Constrictor376
March 2013fackkkkkkMaster Snake Charmer612
February 2013Danny MMaster Snake Charmer 790
January 2013Michael StoesserMaster Snake Charmer780
December 2012Michael StoesserMaster Snake Charmer785
November 2012Michael StoesserMaster Snake Charmer820
October 2012meersMaster Snake Charmer600
September 2012DannyMaster Snake Charmer645
August 2012TorpMaster Snake Charmer770
July 2012SARAHMaster Snake Charmer1055
June 2012TommyMaster Snake Charmer1056
May 2012TommyMaster Snake Charmer1128
April 2012TommyMaster Snake Charmer1038
March 2012TommyMaster Snake Charmer1134
February 2012Tommy Master Snake Charmer 1176
January 2012TommyMaster Snake Charmer 1098
December 2011TommyMaster Snake Charmer 1014
November 2011SohaibMaster Snake Charmer 1050
October 2011SohaibMaster Snake Charmer885
September 2011CiaraSunflowerMaster Snake Charmer1220
August 2011CiaraSunflowerMaster Snake Charmer1060
July 2011*Dawn Michelle* =)Master Snake Charmer 1016
June 2011TommyMaster Snake Charmer1110
May 2011CiaraSunflowerMaster Snake Charmer1216
April 2011J-DizzleMaster Snake Charmer1760
March 2011Scotty Hep!Master Snake Charmer1248
February 2011Scotty Hep!Master Snake Charmer 1476
January 2011J-DizzleMaster Snake Charmer 980
December 2010FatherMaster Snake Charmer 9906
November 2010TheLemurYouSeekMaster Snake Charmer1500
October 2010!!TheLemurYouSeek!!Master Snake Charmer1680
September 2010TommyMaster Snake Charmer 864
August 2010TommyMaster Snake Charmer 1044
July 2010victoriaMaster Snake Charmer 852
June 2010sheldon turi aliceMaster Snake Charmer1232
May 2010Abby!Master Snake Charmer850
April 2010TheLemurYouSeek!Master Snake Charmer1355
March 2010TheLemurYouSeekMaster Snake Charmer1505
February 2010TheLemurYouSeekMaster Snake Charmer 1530
January 2010TheLemurYouSeekMaster Snake Charmer 1611
December 2009TheLemurYouSeekMaster Snake Charmer 1408
November 2009Ciara SunflowerMaster Snake Charmer 860
October 2009Joe DuffMaster Snake Charmer1248
September 2009muntahaMaster Snake Charmer1702
August 2009TorpMaster Snake Charmer1047
July 2009Los Lunas, NM GirlMaster Snake Charmer 1125
June 2009Sarah Beth!Master Snake Charmer 1032
May 2009ChristinaMaster Snake Charmer 952
April 2009audreyMaster Snake Charmer 936
March 2009Joe DuffMaster Snake Charmer1170
February 2009AlmogMaster Snake Charmer 1555
January 2009AlmogMaster Snake Charmer 1335
December 2008Nikki!Master Snake Charmer 1320
November 2008Kyle BMaster Snake Charmer 880
October 2008TheLemurYouSeekMaster Snake Charmer 914
September 2008TheLemurYouSeekMaster Snake Charmer840
August 2008AlmogMaster Snake Charmer1530
July 2008Sarah Beth!!!!!!Master Snake Charmer1026
June 2008Sarah Beth!Master Snake Charmer 918
May 2008nurtMaster Snake Charmer 1743
April 2008ChristinaMaster Snake Charmer1060
March 2008KELLYMaster Snake Charmer1250
February 2008AlmogMaster Snake Charmer 1180
January 2008AJZ 33 GO BUCKEYES!!Master Snake Charmer 1279
December 2007AlmogMaster Snake Charmer 1570
November 2007AlmogMaster Snake Charmer 1715
October 2007AlmogMaster Snake Charmer 1515
September 2007AlmogMaster Snake Charmer1425
August 2007AlmogMaster Snake Charmer1565
July 2007vmanMaster Snake Charmer1580
June 2007AlmogMaster Snake Charmer 1050
May 2007michael hansenMaster Snake Charmer 1116
April 2007Bob DobalinaMaster Snake Charmer 1113
March 2007record breakingtodayMaster Snake Charmer1205
February 2007WHATABUBBAMaster Snake Charmer1260
January 2007Snookie Do Work !!!!Master Snake Charmer1124
December 2006Carl ChildersMaster Snake Charmer1262
November 2006Shep ProudfootMaster Snake Charmer1446
October 2006Fikreta M. MitrovicaMaster Snake Charmer1368
September 2006BillyBob MitrovicaMaster Snake Charmer1292
August 2006MAMI VICIANUM CANMaster Snake Charmer1096
July 2006JULY WINNERMaster Snake Charmer1076
June 2006ppl below me are losMaster Snake Charmer4547
May 2006DENIZ NIVESMaster Snake Charmer 1402
April 2006MUHAMEDIN CANADAMaster Snake Charmer 1273
March 2006BrianMaster Snake Charmer1049
February 2006Chambers of TurkeyMaster Snake Charmer 1008
January 2006BiscuitMaster Snake Charmer 1339
December 2005BEEEG POPPAMaster Snake Charmer 1306
November 2005RoothawgMaster Snake Charmer 1180
October 2005CubmasterMaster Snake Charmer 1206
September 2005Mary DepowskiMaster Snake Charmer 1216
August 2005Donkey DoodleMaster Snake Charmer 893
July 2005STUPIDMaster Snake Charmer 1156
June 2005MinkyMaster Snake Charmer 1799
May 2005Hank the DeuceMaster Snake Charmer 1284
April 2005Crunk JuiceMaster Snake Charmer 1373
March 2005EmilyMaster Snake Charmer 1280
February 2005CoolioMaster Snake Charmer 1310
January 2005Luke The SpookMaster Snake Charmer 1327
December 2004Carl ChildersMaster Snake Charmer 1215
November 2004Notta FournerMaster Snake Charmer 1358
October 2004HOSSAMMaster Snake Charmer 1100
September 2004HOSSAMMaster Snake Charmer 1071
August 2004Choppin BroccoliMaster Snake Charmer 1290
July 2004HOSSAMMaster Snake Charmer 1108
June 2004Eric SchererMaster Snake Charmer 921
May 2004Ross S. (Bluffton)Master Snake Charmer 1162
April 2004Ross S. (Bluffton)Master Snake Charmer 954
March 2004chris beckMaster Snake Charmer 900
February 2004DraytonMaster Snake Charmer 1045
January 2004VexenMaster Snake Charmer 3034
December 2003Billy GMaster Snake Charmer 940
November 2003RasheedMaster Snake Charmer 1140
October 2003RasheedMaster Snake Charmer 825
September 2003anonymousMaster Snake Charmer 790
August 2003Hyper-CuRtI$Master Snake Charmer 1862
July 2003Catch me if you canMaster Snake Charmer 1554
June 2003Stanley G.Master Snake Charmer 1030
May 2003Howie F.Master Snake Charmer 865
April 2003TheLemurYouSeekMaster Snake Charmer 910
March 2003Stanley G.Master Snake Charmer 1518
February 2003Stanley G.Master Snake Charmer 925
January 2003Stanley G.Master Snake Charmer 1026
December 2002Stanley G.Master Snake Charmer 1260
November 2002Robert BirsaMaster Snake Charmer 1105
October 2002Stanley G.Master Snake Charmer 845
September 2002Stanley G.Master Snake Charmer 1206
August 2002Stanley G.Master Snake Charmer 1050
July 2002Stanley G.Master Snake Charmer 1314
June 2002Stanley G.Master Snake Charmer 1230
May 2002Birsa Robert - CROMaster Snake Charmer 830
April 2002Birsa Robert - CROMaster Snake Charmer 935
March 2002Birsa Robert - CRO .Master Snake Charmer 795
February 2002Robert BirsaMaster Snake Charmer 615
January 2002DarkSNiper[v]OWNSJANMaster Snake Charmer 948
December 2001Jan (NOT)Master Snake Charmer 1065
November 2001JanMaster Snake Charmer 955
October 2001JanMaster Snake Charmer 970
September 2001JanMaster Snake Charmer 880
August 2001AlexandreMaster Snake Charmer 655
July 2001DunkyMaster Snake Charmer 675
June 2001Justin Ballance Giant Anaconda 524
May 2001Ewok Giant Anaconda 530
April 2001ChadBushmaster452


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