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The Java Applet version is still available

Top 10 Scores:

cyber rulteCyberman384
DustyDust Buster225
i love rosieThe Jetson's Rosie120
UnixUnix cron job108
aaaK-9 Mark II40
wowK-9 Mark II30
K-9K-9 Mark II25
josieTin Man18
tin againTin Man10
jjTin Man8

Hall of Fame

November 2014jjToy Robot62
September 2014jjTin Man102
August 2014FredI, Robot Master1284
July 2014FredI, Robot Master1494
June 2014FredI, Robot Master1744
May 2014FredI, Robot Master1044
April 2014FredI, Robot Master1044
March 2014FredI, Robot Master1554
Feburary 2014FredI, Robot Master1032
January 2014FredI, Robot Master1470
December 2013FredI, Robot Master2136
November 2013FredI, Robot Master3036
October 2013FredI, Robot Master1470
September 2013FredI, Robot Master2250
August 2013FredI, Robot Master2958
July 2013FredI, Robot Master3042
June 2013FredI, Robot Master984
May 2013FredI, Robot Master1044
April 2013FredI, Robot Master2136
March 2013FredI, Robot Master2247
February 2013FredI, Robot Master966
January 2013FredI, Robot Master2394
December 2012FredI, Robot Master3165
November 2012FredI, Robot Master2286
October 2012FredI, Robot Master2208
September 2012FredI, Robot Master2148
August 2012JosieI, Robot Master1008
July 2012jjBorg Queen528
June 2012THE BEST!Borg Queen516
May 2012CookieI, Robot Master2154
April 2012CookieI, Robot Master1524
March 2012CookieI, Robot Master2166
February 2012VinI, Robot Master2466
January 2012Oh The Glory DaysI, Robot Master570
December 2011JeffreyI, Robot Master1008
November 2011B-Bobb17I, Robot Master996
October 2011Aaron Wins AgainI, Robot Master1488
September 2011JACOBI, Robot Master2124
August 2011WOOI, Robot Master1150
July 2011DanI, Robot Master1308
June 2011Chuong NguyenI, Robot Master948
May 2011BAIN ON TOP!!I, Robot Master2148
April 2011BAIN WINS AGAINI, Robot Master2136
March 2011BAIN ON TOPI, Robot Master2202
February 2011Sean DowningI, Robot Master2166
January 2011SCOTTI, Robot Master1038
December 2010FredI, Robot Master1464
November 2010kind of a big deal..I, Robot Master1795
October 2010The Pokemon MasterI, Robot Master1524
September 2010scottI, Robot Master936
August 2010Chuong NguyenI, Robot Master1200
July 2010FredI, Robot Master954
June 2010sheldon turi aliceI, Robot Master1038
May 2010scottI, Robot Master1140
April 2010kind of a big deal..I, Robot Master1452
March 2010FredI, Robot Master2934
February 2010kind of a big deal..I, Robot Master2142
January 2010kind of a big deal..I, Robot Master1880
December 2009Kurtis is KingI, Robot Master948
November 2009ChucklasI, Robot Master11070
October 2009SharnoldI, Robot Master1464
September 2009kind of a big deal..I, Robot Master1062
August 2009kind of a big deal..I, Robot Master1625
July 2009Francis NguyenI, Robot Master6026
June 2009Joe G 21I, Robot Master1452
May 2009DANIELI, Robot Master2142
April 2009kind of a big deal..I, Robot Master1524
March 2009FredI, Robot Master3012
February 2009Fred!!!! Enculer !!!I, Robot Master1728
January 2009JOE GGGG 21I, Robot Master1500
December 2008Joe GGGG 21I, Robot Master1536
November 2008sheldonI, Robot Master2148
October 2008AdamI, Robot Master1590
September 2008AdamI, Robot Master1968
August 2008Francis NguyenI, Robot Master7002
July 2008Francis NguyenI, Robot Master10230
June 2008Francis NguyenI, Robot Master7231
May 2008Francis NguyenI, Robot Master8784
April 2008Francis NguyenI, Robot Master7500
March 2008BdawgI, Robot Master1608
February 2008Bobby OwnsI, Robot Master1632
January 2008Sysk08I, Robot Master1716
December 2007charley bishopI, Robot Master2136
November 2007charley bishopI, Robot Master4032
October 2007Charley BishopI, Robot Master3984
September 2007charley bishopI, Robot Master2376
August 2007AstramperI, Robot Master4086
July 2007fredI, Robot Master984
June 2007Ben KoblenzI, Robot Master1152
May 2007sungI, Robot Master6264
April 2007KyllingsstripeI, Robot Master1745
March 2007anonymousI, Robot Master1578
February 2007Hugo NguyenI, Robot Master7203
January 2007fredI, Robot Master2232
December 2006HughieI, Robot Master2994
November 2006HughieI, Robot Master2790
October 2006andrewI, Robot Master1765
September 2006Scott Fack Strikes AI, Robot Master1170
August 2006HughieI, Robot Master2400
July 2006HughieI, Robot Master2136
June 2006Hugo NguyenI, Robot Master3078
May 2006andrewI, Robot Master3036
April 2006Hugo NguyenI, Robot Master8682
March 2006BLAHI, Robot Master3018
February 2006Francis NguyenI, Robot Master78420
January 2006KyleI, Robot Master2352
December 2005Yao Ming & COREY CARR!!!I, Robot Master1452
November 2005KyleI, Robot Master1686
October 2005Francis NguyenI, Robot Master13404
September 2005GinaI, Robot Master2184
August 2005Francis NguyenI, Robot Master21702
July 2005GinaI, Robot Master2238
June 2005Hubert DavisI, Robot Master2916
May 2005HughieI, Robot Master2892
April 2005MIKE LUMAN R U KIDDII, Robot Master3096
March 2005mike luman mmmmmmmmI, Robot Master1656
February 2005btranI, Robot Master2880
January 2005GeroneI, Robot Master2262
December 2004GeroneI, Robot Master3246
November 2004Gina from YCI, Robot Master2100
October 2004GinaI, Robot Master2166
September 2004JonathanI, Robot Master3024
August 2004JonathanI, Robot Master3000
July 2004lI, Robot Master2304
June 2004JonathanI, Robot Master3996
May 2004JonathanI, Robot Master2304
April 2004JonathanI, Robot Master2700
March 2004JonathanI, Robot Master2196
February 2004VagsI, Robot Master3174
January 2004VagsI, Robot Master2268
December 2003HughieI, Robot Master4014
November 2003HughieI, Robot Master4326
October 2003HughieI, Robot Master2358
September 2003HughieI, Robot Master2940
August 2003JonathanI, Robot Master2166
July 2003shzntobamI, Robot Master3012
June 2003ChubsI, Robot Master3000
May 2003Alex S.I, Robot Master1440
April 2003slimjimdudeI, Robot Master2286
March 2003ShiznittobamI, Robot Master1584
February 2003ShiznitI, Robot Master2964
January 2003ChubsI, Robot Master2178
December 2002ShiznitI, Robot Master2256
November 2002BrentI, Robot Master1686
October 2002BrentI, Robot Master1464
September 2002Brent!!I, Robot Master2892
August 2002Brent!I, Robot Master1795
July 2002poop kingI, Robot Master1250
June 2002VagnerI, Robot Master1464
May 2002VagnerI, Robot Master2450
April 2002AlexandreI, Robot Master2880
March 2002AlexandreI, Robot Master2922
February 2002Irish InvaderI, Robot Master1220
January 2002Irish InvaderI, Robot Master1572
December 2001Phread XI, Robot Master1020
November 2001TrashcanMr. Data692
October 2001josieI, Robot Master744
September 2001AlexandreI, Robot Master1608
August 2001JetI, Robot Master1512
July 2001FreddI, Robot Master1158
June 2001nukesterI, Robot Master936
May 2001josieI, Robot Master912
April 2001josieI, Robot Master1630

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