Fortran 90/95 Training Course Outline

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                      Fortran 90/95 Language Programming


  This course presents the new Fortran 90 language for programmers who 
  do not know Fortran.  The Fortran 90 language will addressed for 
  programmers who know C, Pascal, BASIC or some other high level language.
  The language syntax, structure, variable types, and usage will all be
  explained in detail.  It also discusses the f90 command line, and 
  implementation choices such as kind numbers. Fortran 95 additions
  are also covered.


  o programming experience
  o Experience with appropriate OS commands


  5 days

  Skills addressed
  o Understand Fortran 90 language syntax 
  o Understand variable types, and derived data types
  o Understand arrays and memory use
  o Understand DO and WHILE loops and CASE structures
  o Understand intrinsics and standard libraries
  o Understand how to create operators and operator overloading
  o Understand new f90 command line
  o Understand I/O structure, both formatted and unformatted
  o Understand compiler concepts and performance issues


  o Customer site on request


  o The length and contents of this course can be tailored to the
    individual needs of a customer site.

  Course Schedule

     Day 1
            Fortran 90 new features
            Source Form
              - Language Elements
            Data Types and Usage
              - Integer, Real and Character types
              - Kind Type Parameter
              - Attribute Specifiers
            Control Structures
              - DO loops
              - IF statements

     Day 2
            Data Types and Usage (continued)
              - Derived Types
              - Arrays
              - Pointers
              - Character Strings
             Basic I/O Formats
             Array Syntax

     Day 3
             Character Handling
              - Subroutines
              - Functions
              - Explicit Interface
              - Generic Interface
              - Summary of Interface Blocks
              - Intrinsic Procedures
             Complex and Logical types

     Day 4
             Multidimensional Arrays
             Global Data
              - Modules
              - Common Blocks
             Control Structures
              - WHILE
              - CASE
              - WHERE

     Day 5
             Input / Output
             Fortran 90 intrinsics and Libraries
              - Mixing Fortran77 and Fortran90 program units

Suggested Book:
 Fortran 90 Programming - Ellis, Philips, Lahey, Addison Wesley,
  Wokingham, 1994, ISBN 0-201-54446-6.
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